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Think Staffing, Think Different:CHRS

Seeya Dalvi Prabhu is the co-founder of Creative HR Solutions. Creative HR Solutions is the pioneer of organized recruitment services in India. They act as preferred talent acquisition partners to multinationals and leading Indian businesses to emerge as the leading talent solutions provider in India and Abroad. In conversation with INCUBEES.

INCUBEES: Tell us about your product or services?

CHRS: Harnessing the power of technology, we create a measurable difference for our clients across various industries & multiple geographies. Founded in June 2020 by a Mother-Daughter duo Sangeeta Dalvi and Seeya Dalvi Prabhu, Creative HR Solutions is the pioneer of organized recruitment services in India, we act as preferred talent acquisition partners to multinationals and leading Indian businesses to emerge as the leading talent solutions provider in India and Abroad. This combined with our role as trusted consultants for Indian professionals translates into our core capability – Think Staffing, Think Different.

CHRS’s roots in management consulting bring a unique approach to recruitment at senior and middle management levels.

INCUBEES: What makes your product/services unique and what competition do you see in India and globally?


When we work with clients we always start by pouring over client feedback–a core part of our discovery process. We’re looking for one of two things. 1) to ensure alignment between our company and the client as it relates to value proposition 2) to uncover new areas of competitive advantage. We then distill all of the information down and share specific recommendations with the client.

In cases where feedback is somewhat limited, we help to develop a process for soliciting input including organizing small focus groups, creating client surveys, and conducting short phone interviews.


Although we often think of clients first, your employees should also have a seat at the table. They’re often the ones who are having the most face-to-face conversations with your clients and hearing what sets your business apart from others in your space.

Look for opportunities to gather structured feedback from your team.


Targeted competitor research can provide a treasure trove of information and give you an immediate sense of who and what you are up against.

Compare your listings in organic search results. Any information you can easily get your hands on can help paint a clearer picture of your competition through the eyes of a potential client.

Ultimately if you look and sound like everyone else, your marketing campaigns aren’t going to be successful.

With this particular strategy, we spend time exploring possible areas where they could provide added value. We used guided questions to give them launching off point during our brainstorming sessions.


Once you’re able to identify the 3-5 key themes at the heart of your unique value proposition, you can leverage those insights to help shape your interactions with clients as well as your marketing message.

In most cases prospective clients won’t come out and directly ask “why should I do a Tie-up with you?” but that doesn’t mean they’re not thinking it. Whether you decide to address the topic directly by including a specific “Why Choose Us” area on your website or intertwine your unique value proposition throughout your online and offline marketing campaigns, the key is to always have those themes top-of-mind during every client touchpoint.


We can’t stress this step enough. With your unique value proposition identified, create a series of highly targeted companies to see which generate the best results. Similar to client feedback mentioned earlier, this will also be crucial in helping you validate whether your points of differentiation are resonating with your target audience.

INCUBEES: What are the challenges you see in the market at this point in time?

CHRS: Keeping up with the market

Market research isn’t something you do as a one-off when you launch your business. Business conditions change continually, so your market research should be continuous as well. Otherwise you run the risk of making business decisions based on out-of-date information, which can lead to business failure.

The more we succeed, the more competitors notice – and react to – what we are doing. A market-leading offer one day may be no better than average a few months later.

Apparently, loyal customers can be quick to find alternative suppliers who provide a better deal.

Planning ahead

The plan that made sense for you a few months ago isn’t necessarily right for us now. Market conditions continually change, so we need to revisit and update our business plan regularly.

As our business grows, our strategy evolves to suit the changed circumstances At the same time, every business needs to be alert to new opportunities. There are obvious risks to relying solely on existing customers. Diversifying our customer base spreads those risks.

Following the same business model, but bigger is not the only route to growth. There are other strategic options such as outsourcing or franchising that might provide better growth opportunities.

Cash flow and financial management

Good cash flow control is important for any business. For a growing business, it’s crucial – cash constraints can be the biggest factor limiting growth, and overtrading can be fatal.

Making the best use of our finances is the key element in our business planning and assessing new opportunities.

Skills and attitudes

For many successful entrepreneurs, learning to listen to – and take – advice is one of the hardest challenges they face. But it may also be essential if you are going to make the most of your opportunities. Some entrepreneurs, recognizing their own limitations, even appoint someone else to act as managing director or chairman.

Welcoming change

An up-to-date plan helps us identify what action we need to take to change our business and the way it operates.

INCUBEES: Tell us about your team and what inspires them?

CHRS: CHRS team is a combination of Expertise, Professionalism, and Leadership. Our Founder, Sangeeta Dalvi comes with a rich 20 years of experience as an HR Professional.

To have a functioning team, one thing is a must and that is Trust.  Trust is the foundation of our team. The only way to gain trust is if concerns or problems aren’t buried and there are no hidden agendas.  Trust is gained through time and evidence.

The secret recipe to inspiring employees is to know the “ingredients” of the people you are motivating and inspiring.  Employees want to know that their leaders understand their knowledge, tendencies, and behaviors well enough to best work with and motivate them.  My team gets to work with different areas and domains of the companies. What Motivates them is New Challenges and Excellent Incentives for all of those who complete the targets on time.

INCUBEES: Where do you see your product/service reaching in the next five-years?

  • CHRS: Increasing Clients while maintaining the existing ones.
  • Creating a Stellar Reputation in the HR Consultancy Market
  • Grow Social Media Following

INCUBEES: Do you have plans to raise funding to grow your business or allow your business to organically grow?

CHRS: We allow our business to grow with our hard work, dedication to the client requirements, Aggressive working, and organically elevating.




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