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Together Fund led $3.1 M Seed funding secured by Togai

In a seed round led by Together Fund, Togai, a business-to-business SaaS metering and pricing platform, secured $3.1 million. In the funding round, BoldCap, Core91, and Prasanna Shankar all took part.

According to a press release from Togai, the company intends to use the funds for product development and expansion into new markets.

Abhishek Rajagopal, Aravind Sriraman, and Tholkappiyan Velavan founded Togai together to give companies the ability to quickly implement any pricing change without requiring engineering work. Togai can assist businesses in effectively communicating, implementing, and analyzing pricing changes without the need for manual labor by seamlessly integrating with their current monetisation and quote-to-cash tools.

Togai asserts that it enables companies to implement price changes in a matter of hours and integrates with current tools (CPQ, CRM, Billing, usage analytics, revenue recognition), offering complete visibility and guaranteeing synchronization across all systems and procedures throughout any pricing update cycle.

The B2B plug-and-play business model is currently available to the general public. The startup from Chennai claims that its monetisation marketplace, which is still in beta, hosts over 10 apps and integrations, enabling users to visualize the flow, identify leaks, and fill in any gaps in their entire quote-to-cash process. The product is allegedly used by more than 300 users to automate their metered billing.




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