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Vedanta Aluminium partners with 40 top tech start-ups for future growth

On National Start-up Day, Vedanta Aluminium, a division of Vedanta Limited, the country’s largest aluminium producer, said that it is collaborating with over 40 top technological start-ups to tap into India’s vibrant start-up ecosystem and fuel the next stage of its growth path.

Utilizing the potential of Web 3.0 and Industrial Revolution 4.0 for manufacturing excellence, the firm strives to be the best and most sustainable manufacturer of aluminium in the world.

According to a statement from the corporation, the start-ups are focusing on value creation, volume growth, cost efficiency, excellence in business, and ESG (Environment, Social & Governance) in order to transform the Aluminum Business into a digital-first organisation.

The company’s Vedanta Spark programme, a worldwide corporate innovation and ventures programme, includes this initiative. It offers venture investing, start-up incubation, pilot programmes with start-ups on various business cases, and venture-building programmes with various universities to create a pool of new start-ups.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr Rahul Sharma, CEO – Vedanta Aluminium said, “With aluminium fast evolving as the strategic metal for a connected tomorrow, we are poised for exponential growth, with the digital transformation of our plants at the heart of this journey. And therefore, we are working with nearly 40 leading tech start-ups who are bringing in cutting-edge technologies and their global expertise to enhance our agility and competitiveness”.

Pinak Dattaray, Founder & CEO of Ripik.AI, says, “We look forward to deepening our relationship with the company and continue to build disruptive products which are pioneers in the aluminium and metals industry, globally”.

Snehendu Mondal, CEO of Satsafeti (Mondal Ventures LLP) said, “Satsafeti has partnered with Vedanta to strengthen the company’s safety culture with its state-of-the-art computer vision technology. With this collaboration, we aim to unlock greater value in the business and establish new industry benchmarks in operational excellence”.

In addition, Vedanta Aluminium hosts energetic Innovation Cafés throughout its business units to promote an innovation culture and instil design thinking in its workforce, transforming them into entrepreneurs.

Numerous MSMEs have benefited from Vedanta Aluminium’s pricey value-chain, customer, and supplier network; some of them have even gone on to work with the firm as suppliers and business partners.




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