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Virtual restaurant operator Dil Foods raised $2 M Pre-Series A funding from V3 Ventures, others

Pre-Series A funding round led by V3 Ventures and Mount Judi Ventures netted $2 million for Bengaluru-based virtual restaurant operator Dil Foods. Also taking part were Arjun Vaidya, the founder of Dr. Vaidyas, and Revant Bhate, a former rebel and the founder of Mosaic Wellness.

The funds will help new partner restaurants geographically expand into new cities and prosper. To increase productivity and improve operations, the company said in a press release that strategic investments will be made in data analytics and supply chain optimization.

Arpita Aditi founded Dil Foods, which offers a genuine culinary experience by utilizing the underutilized infrastructure of small independent restaurants. Dil Foods caters to the diverse palates of India.

With six brands and more than 40 partner kitchens in a single city, the startup claims to have experienced growth.

An early-stage venture capital fund backed by Verlinvest, V3 Ventures, launched in India in April of this year and intends to invest up to $109 million in Europe, the US, and India.  The fund contributes to startups in the seed and series A stages.




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