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Zipaworld aims to contribute to India’s Aatmanirbhar story

Mumbai: Amid several measures announced by the government to realize the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India), Logistics e-Mall service provider, Zipaworld, a digital logistics platform that assists the shippers, exporters, importers, and other logistics seekers in accomplishing their supply chain-related tasks digitally, aims to contribute in making India’s ‘Aatmanirbhar’ story a success from every nook and corner of the country.

A firm recognised by DPIIT (Department for Industrial Policy and Promotion) Zipaworld is an e-Mall for logistics from where the customer can shop and avail the requisite logistics products and services.
Speaking about the venture Dr. Ambrish Kumar, Founder & Group CEO of AAA 2 Innovate Pvt Ltd, the parent company of start-up Zipaworld said, “Our start-up was conceptualised this year during the pandemic with the idea to provide critical business solutions easily with the help of technology, even to a manufacturer in any remotest place in the country to carry out their cross-border trade.”

”Zipaworld happens to be an e-Mall for logistics from where the customer can shop and avail the requisite logistics products and services. The interface is like an air travel booking platform so the whole process requires no demo or training as an amateur user would also be able to relate to the interface easily,” Ambrish said.

In a noticeably short span of time, Zipaworld has launched live air cargo market rates to and from various international destinations connecting India. For the first time, an Indian online platform has given the convenience of booking air exports and imports from a single website. In addition, Zipaworld recently launched domestic air cargo online booking which is an endeavour in their drive to integrate the supply chain digitally, with the right use of technology.

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for Aatmanirbhar Bharat, Zipaworld plans to reach out to the shippers, sellers, buyers, manufacturers, traders, freight forwarders to provide a digital gateway for all kinds of products, like pharmaceuticals, APIs, and medical goods, textiles/ garments, the farm produces perishable goods, automobiles and spares, leather goods, handicrafts, and so on.

”Our aim is to provide access to the portals to non-urban and even the remotest areas where there is production of various products, but the exposure is not there. As the Government is promoting manufacturing in India, we passionately believe India is tremendously resourceful,” Ambrish said.
Ambrish said that Zipaworld is not just selling a service but also educating the masses of the opportunities ahead that lies for manufacturing in India.


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