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$1.65 M funding raised by SA e-health startup Envisionit Deep AI

Envisionit Deep AI, a South African e-health firm that uses artificial intelligence to democratize access to diagnostic imaging and address major shortages in the African and developing market healthcare sectors, has secured US $1.65 million in investment to launch its next stage of expansion (AI).

Envisionit Deep AI was established in 2019 by Dr. Jaishree Naidoo, Andrei Migatchev, and Terence Naidu. The company creates cutting-edge medical solutions that use AI to revolutionize how healthcare professionals diagnose and treat patients.

The firm is advancing medical imaging diagnostics with products like its RADIFY AI technology, which will help in the early identification and treatment of a number of illnesses, including TB, coronavirus pneumonia, and breast cancer, among others.

After Envisionit Deep AI was voted a Southern Africa regional winner at the African Startup Awards, New GX Ventures SA provided US $1.65 million in investment, along with an additional undisclosed amount from the GIIG Africa Fund.

The business will use the funds to democratize access to diagnostic imaging with AI and solve urgent shortages in the African and developing market healthcare sectors.

“There is a huge demand for healthcare services in Africa, particularly in the field of medical diagnostics. In 2022 alone, we screened and triaged 64,351 patients, including 44,529 cases of pneumonia, 1,635 cases of tuberculosis, and a further 127,151 pathologies. However, this is just scratching the surface – the current system just isn’t able to address the massive need and demand,” Naidoo said.

“As a clinician and CEO, I’ve seen firsthand how innovation presents a positive-sum scenario, where advanced technology makes it easier for doctors to provide quality care at scale, offers deeper insights into how to better treat patients, and in the long run, improves the feasibility of both healthcare facilities and the systems they operate in. With demand for healthcare services only set to increase, now is the time for decision-makers to look to how technology can help them address the needs of today and better prepare for those of tomorrow.”





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