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15k companies registered in March 22: Govt data

According to official data released by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, over 15000 companies, including One Person Companies (OPCs), with a total authorised capital of more than Rs 19000 crore, were registered during the month of March, despite rising crude and commodity prices and ongoing geopolitical unrest casting a shadow on the business environment. During March 2022, a total of 15018 companies, including 813 OPCs, were registered under the Companies Act of 2013.

These firms had a total authorised capital of Rs 19033.96 crore. According to the statistics, Maharashtra had the most business registrations in March, with 2939, followed by Delhi with 1513 and Uttar Pradesh with 1464.

The Business Services category topped the newly-registered enterprises’ economic activity categorization. During the month, 14926 companies were incorporated as limited by shares with an authorised capital of Rs 19033.5 crore, out of a total of 15018. According to the statistics, there were 23,18,063 firms registered under the Companies Act 2013 as of March 31, 2022, of which 825771 were closed, 7012 were under liquidation, and 44853 were in the process of being struck off the register.




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