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Agility Ventures plans to invest in over 50 startups

Agility Ventures, an angel investor network, plans to form a Rs 450 crore fund and spend the full amount over the next three to four years. This year, it wants to invest Rs 75 crore in more than 50 start-ups.

On Saturday, the investment business said that it had gotten all essential permissions from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

In recent months, a slew of angel investor networks has filed to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) to establish Alternative Investment Funds (AIF).

Education, technology, healthcare, e-commerce, autos, electric vehicles, and robots are among the industries in which the Agility Ventures network has invested. It is now focusing on start-ups in emerging industries such as finance, cyber security, and cryptocurrency.

“We are here to create more than just a ripple in the start-up investment space and the angel fund will help us reach that goal,” said Dhianu Das, Co-Founder of Agility Ventures.

“SEBI’s approval to launch the fund is just the kind of start we were looking for in this New Year. After launching Fluid Ventures (a D2C focused SEBI-registered category-1 VC fund) last year, this is exactly the kind of fuel needed to roll out our plans for 2022,” said Das in a statement here.

Prashant Narang, Co-Founder, Agility Ventures said, “The interesting thing about raising the kind of angel fund that has been approved by SEBI is that it is sector-agnostic and does not limit itself to co-investments.

“This model also simplifies the financing process without changing the core style of the angel network. In fact, it adds to the pre-existing angel investor’s style of financing, which usually entails Bridge rounds to pre-series A rounds,” he added.

Agility Ventures is a worldwide network with 25 chapters in India, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Australia, and the United Kingdom.




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