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AHOY secures $2.2M Seed funding round

AHOY, a UAE-based e-commerce logistics startup, has concluded its Seed funding round of $2.2M from GCC based corporate venture capital and family office investors. The round comes as second after an angel round in Q4 2018.

AHOY is an unconventional e-commerce logistics company that owns its own routing, address, mobility tech, IoT tech and provides companies with a turnkey solution through additional added value services such as payments, first and last mile, communication and engagement tools, retention tools, and much more. AHOY helps hundreds of companies and many thousands of e-commerce retail customers get the best UX, products, and value on the same day of purchase at a minimal cost.

AHOY helps companies scale without cost and achieve a 100% national TAM without any investment in new locations, warehousing, nor people, utilizing AHOY’s tools for fulfillment planning and predictive APIs, web-hooks, SDKs, and UI tools such as address tool for checkout. AHOY serves companies in every vertical and is helping hundreds of companies get their products to customers every day, the same day.

The value and impact that AHOY has introduced into the UAE market in the last year have transformed user experience for AHOY’s client companies (merchants) and their respective users while giving them an extra advantage to be more competitive in a challenging market, at a challenging time.


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