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Asset management firm Rockstud Capital launched second $300 M investment fund

The creation of Rockstud Capital Investment Fund – II, a Category I AIF (Angel Fund) that will invest in entrepreneurs in the pre-Series A to Series A stages, has been announced by Rockstud Capital, an alternative asset management company.

The fund’s intended size is 300 crores of rupees. The fund already has a license from SEBI, which it got last month.

Rockstud will invest in up to 25 businesses through its new fund, with ticket sizes ranging from Rs 1 crore to Rs 10 crore, that are focused on digitization, sustainability, financial inclusion, consumption, and health and safety.

According to a press release from Rockstud, the fund will be managed by a group of skilled individuals that have a comprehensive grasp of the alternative investing sector.

The fund may potentially take the initiative and continue to use a co-investment strategy to give entrepreneurs growth funding so they may expand on their first product-market fit, and be able to scale and secure a Series A round.




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