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Building AQuisition Partners United Brings Asian Investors Into Fund

CHICAGO, Aug. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Tosin Oduwole’s Building AQuisition Partners United announced today the launch of a $100,000,000 real estate fund with a strategy of acquiring hundreds of properties in Chicago’s south side. Currently the fund is focusing on bringing in Asian investors from Hong Kong & southeast Asia to assist with the aggressive takeover of what’s arguably the most valuable real estate in the United States.

Hong Kong’s wealthy residents have boosted their cash holdings to multiyear highs as the trade war and political unrest hints to a recession. Rich individuals in the city are holding close to a third of their total holdings in cash, a level not seen since the 2008 financial crisis, according to consultancy Capgemini. Hong Kong’s family offices — the advisers that invest the wealth of the super-rich — have also turned to cash, with holdings at 12-14 per cent, according to research from UBS’s wealth management division and data provider Campden Wealth.

Talks surrounding further investments in Hong Kong have since been put on hold due to political unrest and fears of the coronavirus. “Some of the major discussions related to direct investing have been parked for a while,” said Eva Law, founder and chairman of the Association of Family Offices in Asia.

Due to this, Hong Kong’s wealthy are turning to a little-known investment firm located in the USA to properly invest their cash for them. Building AQuisition Partners United, LLC is a firm that yields annual returns and hefty profit splits for Asian investors via massive acquisition and development of low, mid, and high-rise apartment buildings. Their focus is on buying “Value-Add” & stabilized assets with the aim to rapidly upgrade them into the next asset class through operational efficiencies that maximize monthly cashflow & net returns!

Building AQuisition Partners United is the type of firm that wealthy Hong Kong families like Lee Shau Kee, Joseph Lau, Kwong Siu-hing, Francis Choi & Peter Woo turn to, to properly grow and preserve their capital.

About Building AQuisition Partners United, LLC

Building AQuisition Partners United is a Regulation D 506© fund founded by Tosin Oduwole, an urban redeveloper bringing back the economic vibrancy of cities around the country via the massive acquisition and development of low, mid, and high-rise apartment buildings & commercial real estate. BAP United has years of experience in real estate development, commercial real estate negotiation, real estate sales and property management. The organization possesses a drive to redevelop communities that have lost their luster and to bring them into 21st century living, all while proving to be a safe place for ultra-high net worth individuals to safely grow their capital. Tosin Oduwole can be contacted directly at or +1-973-832-3036.

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