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Captello Priming the Pump as Event Industry Comes Back Online

DALLAS, July 24, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — As the event industry powers back up from its COVID-induced coma, Captello has been working to provide seamless solutions for exhibitors and attendees who want to reconnect responsibly, by virtual event participation, in-person events with respect to new event guidelines, or any combination that works best for their company.

In recent surveys, 93% of event marketers indicated plans to invest in virtual events for the short term. However, most believe virtual events are a more transitional mode compared with a long term outlook weighted on resurgent face-to-face events.

More than 56% of event professionals believe in-person events will return in 2020, and that they are their most critical marketing channel, performing a 20% increase from the previous year.

Rather than take the “wait and see” approach, Captello has utilized the pandemic months of 2020 to drive new initiatives and develop solutions that will help event professionals produce above and beyond expectations as events morph, and transition back to their former glory.

Touchless lead capture and touchless activations with lead capture effectively increase booth traffic and enhance brand engagement with prospects in any event space. The platform connects information from all sources seamlessly, reporting on all data with powerful ROI calculations for every event.

Browser-based games deploy on any private or kiosk mobile device, giving exhibitors the ability to establish a touch-free experience, respect social distancing guidelines, and let users interact on their personal mobile device. Games incorporate customizable lead capture forms that make the process of collecting leads easier, with more relevant data, while creating more memorable experiences.

“We’ve also launched our super flexible universal lead capture Single Event License Portal, where Event Managers can instantly purchase one-off event licenses with all the benefits of “universal”. No user limits, no device or geo-limits. Get those leads anywhere, anytime, and get lead data flowing to your CRM in real-time. One low cost solution with major upside,” Brad Froese, Director of Marketing – Captello

Captello will be demonstrating gamified lead capture at the Together Again Expo beginning Friday, July 24, 2020. Together Again is an industry event that will deliver safety, hope, and a positive path forward for live events. Live event industry leaders, innovators, and professionals will join together to showcase new strategies and tools to navigate how live events can be hosted safely and responsibly.

How Captello is transforming virtual and live events with new gamified lead capture:

1: Demonstrating integrity and acting in the exhibitor staff and attendee’s best interests.
2: Focusing on proactively addressing lead capture challenges.
3: Accurately assessing client needs and delivering above expectations.
4: Reducing the time and effort required to capture, qualify, assign and follow-up leads in virtual and physical environments.
5: Helping businesses to expand by enabling seamless digital and physical interactions.
6: Delivering fun, personalized experiences to prospects in a safe and predictable environment.

Captello’s Universal Lead Capture platform is available now for purchase per-event online, or for licensing at multiple virtual and live events throughout the year.

For more information, visit:

For online purchase of a Single Event License visit:


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