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Taker launches TakerGo

Riyadh: Taker, a leading Saudi-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup that provides an online ordering management platform for restaurants, has enhanced its product capabilities and launched TakerGo, an advanced service that connects restaurants to on-demand delivery companies to expedite delivery of orders efficiently and swiftly.

TakerGo is an innovative service which helps solve a very complex logistical problem for restaurants with or without delivery fleets. A major challenge that prevents restaurants from growing online is delivering orders on time to their clients.

TakerGo helps in solving this huge problem by partnering with different delivery companies such as Careem.

All taker clients can benefit from this service; since it is a great solution for restaurants that don’t have a delivery fleet or those who do have their own delivery fleet but fail to meet the demand during peak hours. Utilising TakerGo can reduce the average delivery time to 21 minutes per order.

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