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Desizn Circle helps students to pursue their interest in design

Sumit Saurabh an entrepreneur, who takes pride in introducing himself as a father, son, husband, traveller, teacher, photographer and a proud Indian has his own start-up called ‘Desizn Circle’, a consultancy firm which gives guidance to all across the globe to explore their careers in design and fashion.

Incubees: Tell us about your journey, how did you become an Entrepreneur?

Sumit Saurabh: It all started in 2005 when I entered NIFT with an all India rank of 111, I did my graduation in textile design. I always wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I worked really hard especially in the field of communication skills.

After my graduation, I started my career consultancy firm with the name of Desizn Circle. The main agenda was to give guidance to all the kids who wanted to make their career in design & fashion. I started with 9 students in 2009, today my team and I are managing 700+ students every year and guiding them for the colleges in India and Abroad.

We are now the leading consultants for both Indian and Abroad admissions in the field of Art, Design, and Fashion.

Incubees: What services does ‘Desizn Circle’ offer?

Sumit Saurabh: We offer complete services from understanding about the opportunities in the field of Art Design and Fashion for both Indian and abroad colleges.

When a student comes to us, they are mostly amateur and have very little idea about the field of design. Our job is to ensure that in the first few months spent with us, they become clear about the field they want to get into. The design industry has a lot to offer such as courses like fashion, knitwear, textiles, automobile, communication, leather, product, interiors etc.

Now once they have decided about their courses, we start preparing them for the entrance exams, interviews, and group discussions.

 Incubees: How did you come to think of this concept?

Sumit Saurabh: The concept is not new. Coaching centres are an integral part of our education system. But I never wanted to jump into the rat race of coaching centres. I wanted my students to learn the pre-foundation course with me rather than focusing on the entrance exams. I train my students to get ready for the industry and focus on an all-round development rather than writing the paper.

My concept was a long and tiring process. Growing my team was the slowest process. In my team, I hire mostly those designers and experts who want to make teaching their career and not only focusing on the short-term salaried job. In the last 11 years, I managed to get 12 team members who follow the simple rule of patience, discipline, and kindness.

I have a beautiful team from all across the nation, my team members are coming from Kerala to Odisha, West Bengal to Punjab. I myself come from Bihar.

Incubees: Tell us about your website

Sumit Saurabh: I have two websites: for Indian colleges and for International college preparations. One thing, common in both- We haven’t hired anyone from outside to manage and update them, we do it ourselves.

My personal website is , it’s my personal place where I keep on updating my travel shoots and the articles which I keep on writing-related with the current and happening topics.

A good and easy website is the key to getting most of the traffic. One more thing we never follow is any kind of paid promotions. We believe in organic growth and if the content is good; I am sure traffic will automatically come to you.


Incubees: Has COVID-19 impacted your traveling and your passion for photography as there was a nationwide lockdown?

Sumit Saurabh: I am a street photographer who loves to capture the emotions, feelings, monuments, moments, and everything. I used to travel to at least 10 places in India every year and 3 different countries. Post COVID things have changed miserably. Forget about my photography, but I really feel sorry for all the people associated with this industry. They are some of the most welcoming and warm people on the planet. I really hope to be back on the streets with my DSLR and DJI Osmo.

In 2015 my team won the prestigious 48 hours film project and we represented India in Hollywood (LA). I used to travel from one place to another on foot to get the best shots from California. Never thought during that time that the pain I am taking to get the best shot will be a luxury in 2020. Traveling, walking anywhere and everywhere will be restricted in 2020-21. This is one thing I have been missing the most during the lockdown.

Incubees: Tell us the thought process behind choosing a particular picture you click? How do you choose images that would seem more appealing to the viewers?

Sumit Saurabh: I click stories, I don’t want to click anything which does not have a story behind it. You can show me any of my photographs and ask me the story behind it. Not only the story but I can tell you the time, weather, traffic, etc. as well. I always believe to wait for the correct moment rather than click 200 pictures and choose the best out of it later on.

Sometimes I wait 1-2 hours at one place waiting for the best light to come. A good photograph for a person can be a very average photograph for others. I never click a photograph to impress anyone other than myself. I have done 4 exhibitions in various states and the most liked pictures in all the exhibitions are the most average photographs which depict a daily life photograph to which the viewers can relate the most.

Incubees: Would you like to give any tip to the budding Entrepreneurs who are passionate for photography & traveling?

Sumit Saurabh: If you are planning to start your career in photography, have a lot and a lot of patience. It’s not a career you start earning immediately, you must work on building your portfolio rather than building your bank account in the initial days. No one gives you the work without having a look at your portfolio. Try to reach as many people as possible for work. Do not see how much they are paying you, see how much liberty they are giving to take out your creativity on the canvas of your imagination.

Gradually, you will also start earning but it takes 4 to 5 years minimum after your graduation to mark your name in the industry. It has been 10 years and I am still trying my best to get my first big break.

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