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DFNB – An in-house dry fruits, nuts & bakes service

A start-up striving to make a healthier community, having the expertise in selling dry fruits, nuts, spices & bakes of superior quality aiming to reach an endless number of houses. DFNB is a platform that also uplifts small-scale start-ups which makes them unique in their own way.

 Incubees: Tell us about yourself and your journey?

Shriraam Rajendran: Greetings from a budding entrepreneur!

I am a person like everybody else, driven by a notion of judgemental thoughts, living inside an emotional bubble and for me, exploration was something that involved physical interaction until one day that I truly realized exploration was something that starts right from self-evaluation, it was this step that I took which indeed played a crucial role in helping me break out of my shell and begin my journey as an entrepreneur.

Incubees: What are the services and facilities you provide? What makes your start-up ‘DFNB- Dry fruits, nuts and bakes,’ unique?

Shriraam Rajendran: DFNB is a start-up partnership firm focusing on providing quality products by creating a safe and secure platform for both farmers and small businesses. Our prime agenda is to create an interdependent community on a healthier ground.

We at DFNB, have the expertise in selling dry fruits, nuts, spices, and bakes of superior quality to all the customers at an affordable price and our aim is to reach out to an endless number of homes in India, making it possible for everyone to savour the true taste of Nature’s treat. We are unique in the way of constructing our platform solely by promoting small businesses and individual bakers.

Incubees: Do you think COVID-19 has impacted your business in any manner?

Shriraam Rajendran: COVID-19 has had a positive impact on our company, by making people focus on the advantages of e-commerce over offline shopping.

Incubees: What are your thoughts behind setting up DFNB since it also provides a platform to small scale start-ups to uplift them.

Shriraam Rajendran: These dreaded times of COVID-19 have had a serious impact on everyone’s lives. Nevertheless, it did  boost some skilled people, to take a step forward to convert their intangible ideas into tangible products. These people though present in abundance, lack proper connectivity and platform to reach out to masses which are rather present in a distributed manner.

DFNB, being a platform for such groups, would strive to be the best possible solution for the need of the time.

Incubees: Starting a business can be risky and a motivated team is an important aspect, tell us about your team and what keeps them going?

Shriraam Rajendran: Our Start-up being at the Ideation stage currently, has a small yet hardworking team behind it. We keep ourselves motivated in these hard times by reminding ourselves what impact our start-up could have on several small-scale businesses and individuals.

Incubees: Packaging and branding are important aspects to promote your business, how do you advertise your brand?

Shriraam Rajendran: At the moment we are trying to advertise our brand through Social Media Outlets and SEO feature of Google.

Incubees: There are times when a customer may get upset over an issue, how do you go about addressing the issue?

Shriraam Rajendran: We as a company work under the rule: Customer is the first policy and thus any bad remark from customers is framed into a step for constructive progressivism.

Incubees: Do you have plans to raise funding to expand your business or would you let your business grow organically?

Shriraam Rajendran: We would like our company to grow organically in the initial infant stage and depending upon the growth of the company we might choose to raise funds later.

Incubees: Any advice for the budding Entrepreneurs?

Shriraam Rajendran: Being a part of such a rapidly growing world, I would like to ask all the budding entrepreneurs out there to take a deep breath and expend time and energy in self-exploration to understand one’s own calibre and to take their own time to acknowledge the importance of a properly framed intention preceding an action.

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