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East Ventures led new funding raised by precision gut microbiome firm AMILI

Precision gut microbiome company AMILI, based in Singapore, announced on Monday that it had received new funding from VC firm East Ventures.

In a statement, AMILI said that this fund, which comes after the company’s series A funding in June 2022, strengthens its balance sheet.

According to the statement, the additional funds will be used to expand operations into Indonesia with the primary goal of addressing common issues with gut health using scientific techniques modified for the Indonesian context.

“AMILI is honoured and privileged to partner with East Ventures in enabling doctors and other health professionals to benefit their patients through microbiome science,

“Beyond medicine, the microbiome is important in food and agritech, and AMILI also looks forward to contributing to innovations in this space, particularly in health-enhancing foods and addressing stunting and malnutrition,” said Jeremy Lim, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of AMILI.

The gut microbiome is now more widely acknowledged as the next frontier in human health, claims the statement, as a result of recent scientific advancements and discoveries.

The trillions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that inhabit the digestive tract make up the gut microbiome.

Nearly every aspect of human health, including digestion, immune system operation, mental health, and disease prevention, depend on it.

The gut microbiome is being used in a wide range of novel applications, creating new opportunities for personalized medicine and innovative methods of providing healthcare.

AMILI conducts cutting-edge gut microbiome research and transforms it into products and services. It was founded in 2019 by Jeremy Lim, Co-Founder, and Chief Executive Officer, along with colleagues David Ong and Jonathan Lee, who in 2014 led the region’s first gut microbiome transplants at the National University Hospital in Singapore.

Its current product offerings include probiotic formulations especially created for Asian consumers and gut microbiome sequencing services to aid medical professionals in improving patient care.

The only microbiome transplant bank in Southeast Asia is located at AMILI, which has assisted with transplants throughout the area.




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