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EV hub to nurture 1000 startups in Bangalore

The electric vehicle industry is going to soon replace petrol and diesel. According to a report by CIEL Human Resources the employment growth has also seen a rise with Bangalore being on top with an increase of 108% in the last 2 years. Bangalore accounts for 62%, Delhi is at 12%, Pune is at 9%, Coimbatore is at 6% and Chennai is at 3% according to data. “India is investing highly in the electric mobility shift. If India sustains this green momentum, the Indian EV segment will be a USD 206 billion opportunities by 2030,” said Aditya Narayan Mishra, chief executive officer of CIEL HR.

On Thursday, during the inauguration of the international mobility conference which was organized by the society of automotive engineers India (SAEI), IT/BT Minister CN Ashwath Narayan said “Karnataka’s proposed EV hub on the outskirts of Bangalore will house about 1,000 startups in the electric vehicle sector”. The government is taking all the measures to help grow the automotive sector, five centres of excellence are going to come up which would include training, development, innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

Bangalore is already the IT/BT hub and is the most chosen destination for investment. Eventually, Bangalore will be a premier hub of electric vehicles in a few years. The government is looking to promote eco-friendly fuel and environmental protection as proposed in a policy by United Nations. The government is also going to initiate the production of eco-friendly hydrogen.

“Hassle-free traffic has become a challenge in metropolitan cities such as Bengaluru. Traffic congestion was hurting both the productive time of people as well as causing health hazards. Development of modern modes of transport including electric vehicles would help to deal with these problems,” said CN Ashwath Narayan IT/BT Minister.




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