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Healthtech platform ParentLane acquired by Acko

Acko, a modern insurance company, has purchased Parentlane, a digital health platform for maternity and pediatric care, for an unknown sum.

The merged company will supply personalized information and services as a result of the transaction, enabling better healthcare decisions, informed choices, and improved results.

A joint news statement states that Parentlane’s co-founder and CEO, Vijay Anand, will become a member of the Acko leadership group and oversee the company’s strategic efforts.

From conception to the most crucial early kid development stage, ParentLane equips young millennial parents with preventive healthcare options.

The website states that it provides tailored information to over 2 million users each year and offers healthcare services through collaborating with several institutions all around the nation.

Acko General Insurance, which Varun Dua founded in 2016, offers pertinent insurance solutions to meet the demands of the modern customer. The online insurtech business also provides cutting-edge, bite-sized insurance solutions including rider insurance, smartphone and appliance protection, and ticket cancellation. It has worked with over 15 consumer internet giants, including Ola, Amazon, Zomato, and Urban Company.




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