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I3 program assistance and $50k grant to be provided to 30 African e-health entrepreneurs

The pan-African Investing in Innovation (i3) initiative has chosen thirty African e-health firms to participate, providing them with a US $50,000 grant and access to market possibilities to spur growth-driven relationships with funders, industry, and institutional stakeholders.

The first 30 firms, which come from 14 different African nations, have now been chosen with the intention of investing in the continent’s most promising early to growth-stage startups in the health care supply chains. 30% of the companies are run by women, while almost 50% are based in Francophone Africa.

A grant of $50,000 will be given to the chosen companies, along with assistance in forming growth-driven alliances with universities, businesses, and donors. These businesses include Chekkit Technologies, Medsaf, DrugStoc, Erith Health Services, Gricd, LifeBank, Lifestores Healthcare, OneHealth, ClinicPesa, Damu Sasa, The Pathology Network, Negus Med, Signalytic, Viebeg Technologies, Zuri Health, Xetova, Cure Bionics, DeepEcho, Dr Sett, Infiuss Health Limited, Medevice, Meditect, Sobrus.

“Digitally enabled, locally led innovations have huge potential to help address the challenges of access to medicines for historically unserved patients in Africa. We are thrilled to see strong women leaders at the helm of many of these startups, as we know innovation ecosystems are strengthened by diversity,” said Ann Allen, senior programme officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.




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