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IIT-Mandi incubated startup develops AI-based solution to detect respiratory and genetic disorders

In a groundbreaking development, an IIT Mandi incubated startup has developed an AI-based solution that can detect respiratory and genetic disorders with remarkable accuracy.

Commenting on this, Saumya Shukla, Co-founder of Dectrocel Healthcare and Research Private Limited, said, “With AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning), especially in the context of healthcare, this epoch will see the birth of super-intelligence and, with it, humans and machines expanding into the universe. Data is the new oil and currency, but now, systems that make sense out of data will be the new oil and currency.”

She further added that India has a population of 1.4 billion and, according to medical reports, one in five people suffers from a chronic disease.

The Lucknow based startup Dectrocel Healthcare was founded in 2020 by Saumya Shukla, Ankit Shukla and Nikhil Misra. The startup has been working on cost effective diagnostic solutions with the help of AI. They have innovated with various products such as respiratory screening through AI, chest x-rays, AI screening tools to detect certain disorders in children, antibody and antigen testing, DNA extraction and much more.

The startup had been working towards a solution for the past two years. They successfully tested it on a wide range of respiratory and genetic disorders.

The system is based on deep learning algorithms that can analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that are indicative of specific disorders.

Dectrocel Healthcare has the potential to revolutionize the way doctors diagnose and treat patients, when it comes to respiratory and genetic disorders. With its ability to quickly and accurately identify disorders, the system can help doctors provide early diagnosis and treatment, which is critical for many disorders.

Saumya Shukla said, “Most of these diseases do not have any major symptoms at the beginning, making it imperative to diagnose these at the preventive healthcare stage and enable early treatment. In order to prevent this, Dectrocel Healthcare is working on creating affordable diagnostic tools that can help in the early detection of such chronic diseases so the patient has a good chance of getting cured with promising health outcomes.”

Further the team will focus on expanding its capabilities. AI based solution has the potential to transform the healthcare sector which will improve lives of millions of people across the globe.


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