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KFS Proves Boon to Gym Industry at COVID-19 Times

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the fitness industry across the world, forcing them to innovate and re-connect. At a time when scrolling through the news is a sad and daunting prospect, we believe there’s reason for hope in our industry. Gym owners face an uncertain future, but, even with the doors closed, there are things they can do to weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever.

MD Vinod Bhati & CEO Akash Dubey

Sounds bizarre, right But lets look at this situation with a bit of optimism.

These challenging times offer a unique early-mover opportunity to businesses and investors. A relatively low-cost investment in the right innovative side of the gym industry may provide higher returns and larger success in the near future and thats where KFS comes in to help.

KFS is one of the most trusted equipment brand in India, having provided their services to fitness clubs, builder lobbies, hospitals, government undertakings, Indian army, elite schools, fire departments – they work within the budgets to provide quality solutions for health and wellness of people.

Akash Dubey, CEO of KFS believes this pandemic can be used effectively to connect with consumers and work on novel ideas to bridge the gap between health and the gym world. He says, “The gym sector will bounce back and at KFS our main aim is to help everyone thrive at this moment. We wont let our members lose their money or profit. Together we can sail through this by providing each other a helping hand and eventually meet on the other side.”

KFS has achieved years of experience in the market and is conscious to embrace the technological advancement in the field and is enthusiastic to engage in customised technology needs of the industry amidst the pandemic and ensuring growth – thereby giving a glimmer of hope to fitness lovers, investors, gym owners, trainers and setting an example of confidence in a crisis.

On the same lines, Vinod Bhati, Managing Director of KFS believes a two-fold growth in the industry is bound to take place [considering a significant rise in the overall health consciousness of people] He says in an empathetic statement, “Under the present mind-set of the people, an abundant growth in the fitness industry will take place. The environment will boom once again post the survival period i.e. the lockdown and 4-6 months post lockdown. Right now, we really have to help one another – innovate and be the change.”

KFS has a strong grip on the intimate atmosphere of the industry which makes it a brand that consumers and investors trust at all times and its ever generous attitude towards the stakeholders provides exactly the kind of cushion we need to fall back on during such testing times.

A ray of hope, indeed!

KFS and their ever kind service can be reached and witnessed at –


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