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KSA-based Saas solution Bonat secures Seed investment

KSA: Bonat, the innovative customer engagement SaaS solution has announced the raising of a Seed round led by Impact46 with participation from SVC and angel investors. The funding, much of which will be invested in product development which concentrates on enhancing the user experience for both merchants and end-users to provide the perfect data-driven tool for businesses to build a great long-lasting relationship with their customers.

Bonat delivers a comprehensive customer engagement solution for businesses offline and online, articulated in a seamless loyalty program with supportive tools in serving brands to acquire, retain, and understand their customer purchasing behavior. Through the solution, businesses can leverage real-time data and insights, obtain customer feedback and rating analyses, and communicate with them to develop a beneficial understanding of their customer experience.


Concentrating on providing a frictionless user experience customers can opt-in seconds and simply collect points for their purchases. Loyalty programs are just one-way businesses can engage with customers. It provides brands the ability to incentivize their customers to return, maintaining a consistent data-driven value that will help the business grow in the long-term.

While recent research shows that maintaining existing customers is less expensive and more profitable than acquiring new customers, we see that big brands have invested in putting a loyalty program in place. A solution like Bonat can help businesses of all levels to have a robust customer loyalty program ensuring effective customer engagement. With a smart concept in the region, today Bonat system operates in Over 100 locations around the kingdom. Trusted restaurants in Saudi like Froz, Elixir Bunn, Less cafe, greens & Opo have been using the program to manage their customer engagement.

Saud Binsaeed CEO & Co-founder added “We have recognized an existing problem that faces businesses in identifying and maintaining their customer data and engagement, which created an opportunity cost that can be turned into profits. Usually, 20% of customers bring in 80% of the business revenue. Our goal is to help businesses to identify their 20% super fans to optimize the value of each customer as much as possible. We are working extensively on delivering a seamless comprehensive solution that amplifies the engagement of customers.”

“Bonat is addressing a great opportunity in the customer engagement space, where the solution allows businesses to drive their brand names and convert customers from being one-time visitors to loyalists. We’re excited to back a Saudi customer engagement solution, and we’re proud of the team behind it.” noted the Impact46 team.


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