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Malaysia’s Involve Asia backed by Asia fund of Bintang Capital

Involve Asia, a Malaysian marketing tech business, has received support from the Asia-focused fund of Bintang Capital Partners. The transaction’s amount, which was carried out through Bintang Capital Partners Asia Fund I, was kept confidential.

A network called Involve Asia links companies with content producers, influencers, developers, and affiliate partners all around Southeast Asia. It is currently developing a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises with the goal of enabling everyone to profit from opportunities in digital marketing.

Bintang’s strategy of “investing in impact and innovation” is in line with the chance to work with Involve Asia to have a social effect while generating significant equity returns, the private equity company said in a statement.

The investment comes as the region of Southeast Asia continues to see an increase in smartphone usage. Insider Intelligence projects that by 2026, there will be 359.4 million users in the region, up from a projected 314.8 million in 2021.

The influencer marketing market in Southeast Asia is predicted to reach US$2.59 billion by 2024, a sharp rise from US $638 million in 2019.




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