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MetLife partners with Yodawy to provide innovative digital medical services in Egypt

Cairo: The multi-year partnership will provide hundreds of thousands of MetLife members with new and convenient solutions to simplify their medical insurance experience through Yodawy’s mobile application

MetLife is one of the largest and trusted insurance companies globally, and a leading medical insurance company in Egypt for over two decades. Yodawy, founded in 2018, has quickly become the health sector’s de facto digital transformation and online pharmacy ordering platform. The company raised $1M in a Pre-series A round led by Algebra Ventures last year.

The MetLife-Yodawy partnership will alleviate many of the complexities of medical insurance claims, as well as introduce new services to MetLife insured members in Egypt. The Yodawy platform enables insured customers to receive and order their prescriptions electronically, transforming a cumbersome multi-step manual approval process into a few simple taps from a mobile phone.

In addition, patients with chronic illnesses can now order their monthly medications and have them delivered directly to their homes. They can also directly receive their pre-approved e-prescriptions on the Yodawy application even if their chosen doctor is outside the MetLife network.

MetLife customers will also have access to on-demand 24/7 teleconsultations through certified and licensed physicians. Insured members can receive their preliminary diagnosis and electronic recommendation through the application.

Together MetLife and Yodawy aim to eradicate barriers and improve people’s access to medical care and medication. This exciting collaboration is bringing about a new world of healthcare, providing peace of mind and convenience for insured members through the power of technology.


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