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Milagrow launches world’s first wet mopping and vacuuming robot

Mumbai: Milagrow, India’s No.1 service robots’ brand, has announced the launch of three new robots – Milagrow iMap Max, Milagrow iMap 10.0 and Milagrow Seagull. All of them use the proprietary Milagrow software ‘RT2R’ – Real time terrain recognition technology. They can be used for both commercial and domestic purposes. The robots have been launched after 3 years of research and development effort keeping in mind the space management patterns of the Indian conditions. The robots will be launched during Amazon Prime Day on 6-7th August.

Milagrow iMap Max – World’s 1st-floor wet mopping and vacuuming robot which can self-clean its mops with a pressure of 40N. This fully independent, self-cleaning robotic vacuum cleaner has a patented wet mopping mechanism which comes down and puts pressure of 10 N on the floor by two hydraulic shafts, based on an AI algorithm. This extra pressure on the floor cleans the most stubborn dirt and stains from the floor like those of coffee and sauce, etc.

After mopping a certain area, iMAP Max returns to base for self-cleaning. Before cleaning the fabric, the wash base sprinkles clean water on the dirty mop. Then the scraper, driven by a high-power motor, applies a pressure of 40 N on the dirty mop to scrape it clean before allowing it to go back again for vacuuming and wet mopping. The robot will go back and start cleaning from where it came back as the cleaning map is memorized. The settings on the app can be changed to enlarge or reduce the area before the robot goes back again for self-washing. iMAP Max also features a patented Snail Touch Side brush, which can clean the difficult spaces like corners. The robot has a reusable 1-litre dust bag and users can attach optional disposable bags.

Milagrow iMAP Max leverages the same AI technology which is used in unmanned vehicles. It uses a LIDAR sensor with Milagrow patented real-time terrain recognition technology for faster mapping and real-time path planning. With a 5200 mAh battery and a robust 2200 pa powerful suction to pick even small stones or beans, iMAP Max has been developed with extensive research of over three years. The robot is backed with a 2-year comprehensive warranty and a 5-year warranty on the Japanese suction motor.


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