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Muse Wearables launches Muse Cue

Mumbai: Indian Tech Startup Muse Wearables on Friday in a virtual event launched an Artificial Intelligence-powered Personal Wellness Smart Band equipped with a skin temperature sensor and ‘context-aware’ activity tracking.

Called ‘Muse Cue,’ this made-in-India device can detect silent hypoxia at an early stage and has an intelligent ‘cough analysis’ tool to predict and alert users in advance about the onset of COVID-19 symptoms.

‘Muse Cue’ is the ideal smart wearable to manage personal fitness and monitor vitals including SPo2 (oxygen saturation) and heart rate. Its AI-infused technology can accurately measure and raise alerts.

The Muse Care Platform will also enable digital consultations with doctors.

With Muse Cue, the IIT Madras-incubated Start-up Muse Wearables has taken personal wellness assistance to a new level. Muse Health app enables a user to be proactive in case of any vitals going off baseline values and with one click, it can connect the user to a specialist. Unlike existing tele-consulting, the health care professional assigned to the user by Muse Care will have real-time access to the body vitals and can provide necessary medical guidance accordingly.

Highlighting the unique aspects of Muse Cue and its benefits to the users, Sai Prasanth, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, said, ”By observing COVID-19 positive patients, we found that the resting heart rate, heart rate variability and respiratory rate act as key indicators of the infection. About 20 percent of COVID-19 cases can be detected before the symptoms appear. Muse Cue Smart Band can detect in advance of one to three days before the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, like high body temperature or low oxygen levels, and notifies the user.”


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