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Opibus, a Kenyan electric vehicle manufacturer rebranded as ROAM

Opibus, a Kenyan electric vehicle firm, has rebranded as ROAM, after a strategic shift in the company’s mission as a result of its expansion.

Opibus, which was founded in 2017, is the main provider of locally designed and produced electric cars. Its mission is to provide dependable and affordable products for the pan-African mass market.

Late last year, the business raised US $7.5 million in stock and grant money to help it grow its operations, and in January, it debuted Kenya’s first all-electric bus — also the first electric bus developed in Africa.

It has recently changed its name to ROAM, claiming that the move better reflects “the company’s beliefs.” The new name reflects the company’s desire to electrify Africa’s transportation sector, as well as its larger mission of delivering innovative technologies that are optimised for local use cases throughout the continent.

“This is more than a name change, it’s a milestone that brings us closer to realising our ambition as leaders in providing electric mobility solutions and energy systems for the African region. It is exciting to see how far we have come and forging forward, it is even more thrilling seeing there are endless possibilities to what we can achieve in Africa,” said Filip Lövström, CEO of ROAM.




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