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Orygano bridges the gap of customized food delivery service

Amit & Gangotri, college friends who were on a quest for getting that one idea for a start-up which originated in a gym where they realized that there are not a lot of services that offer a meal according to the requirements of a customer. ‘Orygano’ takes care of your protein, carbs and requirement of calories.

 Incubees: Tell us about your journey, how did you become an Entrepreneur?

Amit & Gangotri: While in college itself, we figured we were passionate about entrepreneurship. We both were classmates and were looking for an idea. We went to the gym and noticed that we weren’t able to meet our daily nutrients target that is required to build muscles. We started looking for a service nearby which could provide us with daily meals as we didn’t want to cook food ourselves. We couldn’t find any. So, it occurred to us that many people like us might be facing a similar problem and in today’s time since people are in a rush and don’t find the time to cook for themselves. Hence, we liked the idea and began to pursue it.

 Incubees: What is ‘Orygano’? Tell us about the services you offer.

Amit & Gangotri: Orygano is a food delivery start-up which is more like a catering service. We provide meals 3 times a day on a daily basis where we take care of your protein, carbs and requirement of calories. If you want to lose fat, build muscles or just want a regular meal every day, we will satisfy every requirement. Our meals are tailored according to each customer. No meals are repeated for more than 30 days.

Incubees: The food tech industry has been on the boom, do you think COVID-19 has impacted your business?

Amit & Gangotri: Actually COVID-19 has increased the demand for such services. People don’t want to go out of their house, but still want to eat tasty and healthy meals. People have begun to appreciate the food-tech industry. Our business is unaffected by the pandemic, as we are taking every measure to ensure safety and putting our maximum effort in customer satisfaction. Since we are utilising the internet to build our customer-base, the increased online engagement of people has shown us promising results.

Incubees: In food Industry, priority for the customers are the food standards like allergy and hygiene, tell our readers about the safety measures you take.

Amit & Gangotri: We have a very hygienic kitchen of our own. We maintain maximum safety and hygienic standards. Our delivery staff as well as the kitchen staff sanitise their hands and wear masks at all times. The vaccination drive of every staff member has already begun. Our delivery guys have been instructed to practice no-contact deliveries to mitigate the slightest possibility of any kind.

Our meals are macro counted, that means we measure the amount of nutrients required by each individual, so our meals are super-healthy too. While registration, we ask the customer to mention the allergies they have and we remove those ingredients from that particular customer’s meals. So, single handedly, we have taken care of hygiene, health, safety and allergies.

Incubees: In today’s digital world tell us about the kind of technology you have used in your start-up, your website speaks about how your business operations are tech-driven, tell us more about it.

Amit & Gangotri: We have an android app where the customer registers, orders and subscribes to our meals. In the backend, our kitchen staff as well as the delivery guys use different apps to maintain efficiency and be in sync with every customer. All our tech is scalable. We have leveraged technology as much as possible to reduce costs drastically. That’s how we are able to provide such affordable prices to our customers.

Incubees: Wastage of food is something that needs to be managed, being in the food business how do you go about the leftover food?

Amit & Gangotri: We try to minimise the wastage of food as much as possible. We calculate our daily needs of ingredients and purchase them as per our requirement. Even if there’s food still left which has already been cooked, we distribute it among the less fortunate ones.

Incubees: Launching a start-up is risky, a strong motivated team is a key aspect. Talk to us about your team.

Amit & Gangotri: I (Amit) and my friend/partner Gangotri, we have both been very passionate about this concept. Watching this idea take shape has given us goosebumps. There were days, we both didn’t sleep at all and discussed the future of our start-up the entire night. This idea is very close to our heart and we have sincerely devoted every resource to it. We both have founded this company together. We were classmates at Chandigarh University and completed our Bachelor of Engineering (CSE) together. We graduated in June 2020. Prior to this, I worked as a Software Engineer with Nokia and as a Computer Vision Researcher (Attentive) and Gangotri was serving as a decision scientist at MuSigma.

Incubees: Are you looking for investors or you plan to grow your business organically?

Amit & Gangotri: Yes, we are looking for investors for our first investment. The investment will be utilised to establish the kitchen, marketing and expand our business.

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