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Pre-series A funding raised by Japan-based Todoker

Flexible work arrangements are starting to become more typical as the pandemic’s acceleration of work-style reforms advances faster than anticipated. Yet, only workers in specific occupations are eligible to take advantage of flexible work arrangements.

Through streamlining procedures, Todoker seeks to eliminate inequities in the workplace. The Japanese company has created two solutions: Cloud Mailroom, a small-scale BPO service that facilitates remote administration of mail and delivery, and Todoker, a digital management tool for office mail and deliveries.

With the use of Todoker’s technologies, businesses may convert mail and delivery recipients to a hybrid work-from-home model, maximising the use of office space. Also, the substantial amount of paper used in conventional mail may be saved by using these methods.

The business said Genesia Ventures invested an unknown sum in its pre-series A financing. With the additional funding, Todoker intends to grow its clientele in Japan and create and enhance goods that will further simplify mail and delivery procedures.

“According to the data we have accumulated so far, as of December 2022, more than 20% of the large volume of mails delivered to offices were discarded without being opened, and more than 55% could be sent in PDF format,” said Tsuyoshi Nojima, CEO of Todoker.




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