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Second class of emerging venture investors named by the Obuntu Foundation

The second class of the Obuntu Foundation’s fellowship of African-focused emerging venture investors has been announced.

The Obuntu Foundation created the Obuntu Launchpad Fellowship, which is run by African and international leaders in VC and aims to promote innovation and economic growth in Africa.

The sessions at The Launchpad are led by executives from renowned global and African venture capital firms like Hustle Fund, Better Tomorrow Ventures, and Rarebreed Ventures.

The fifteen newest fellows have residences in South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, Egypt, Kenya, Zambia, Mauritius, and the United States.

“We’re in a climate where many global and Africa-focused LPs have not only held back from making new commitments to true emerging GPs, but have in some cases pulled back from fulfilling earlier commitments to invest in first time GPs in Africa. At the Obuntu Foundation we believe that now is exactly the time to ramp up commitment to trailblazers that will define the future of VC in Africa,” said Asta Diabaté, co-founder of Obuntu Foundation.

The 15 new fellows, who will join a network of nine fellows who started their fellowship in January, are Aly El Shalakany of Acacia Ventures in Egypt, Thandeka Xaba of Digital Africa Ventures in South Africa, Ayodeji Arikawe of Velocity Digital in Nigeria, Thaheer Mullins of Savant in South Africa, Laurent Fayolle of DotExe Ventures in Mauritius, Laissa Mouen of Kina.

“Diversity and founder experience are bedrock elements of a thriving venture capital ecosystem. Inclusion of diverse lived experiences not only reflects the multifaceted nature of our world but also brings a rich tapestry of perspectives to the table. It’s this diversity that fuels innovation and ensures that investment decisions are not one-dimensional. Founder experience as well, is an incredibly useful compass that guides VCs through the complex landscape of entrepreneurship. Those who’ve been in the trenches understand the nuances, the risks, and the rewards like no one else. The Obuntu Foundation champions diversity and founder experience, to not only create a more equitable ecosystem but also pave the way for more informed, impactful, and sustainable investments,” said Aaron Fu, co-founder of Obuntu Foundation.




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