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SmartLaw to make legal services available to everyone in Singapore

Singapore: SmartLaw Pte Ltd Founder CEO Dr Anton Ravindran’s entrepreneurial ventures started nearly two decades ago. “After working for some of the leading global MNCs in the tech world, I took the plunge to pursue my passion/interests,” he said to Singapore Business Review. Since then, he has been part of the start-up ecosystem in the region.

“My first start-up where I spent the most part of my early years for nearly a decade and won several awards included Entrepreneur of the Year, Enterprise 50 Awards etc. I also sit on the board of other start-ups particularly involving AI while mentoring others,” he added.

Dr Anton notes that the legal profession is a laggard with respect to leveraging technology particularly from AI and machine learning (ML) and there is some inherent inertia to change and AI is not yet ubiquitous. Hence, plenty of opportunities to make legal services efficient by leveraging AI and go beyond mere automation.

“However, there are a few leading legal tech firms in the US, Canada, and UK who have gained some traction but they have yet to become unicorns like our road hailing companies which are less complex applications from a technology and domain
perspective,” he added.


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