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To add 1000+ EV charging stations, EVRE collaborates with MoEVing

EVRE, India’s largest provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, announced a collaboration with MoEVing, India’s top tech-enabled electric fleet startup for urban mobility.

“This partnership with EVRE is an exciting endeavor in the larger Electric Vehicle space where both partners will be cross utilizing the charging infrastructure built by us and EVRE. The partnership also helps us in expanding our fleet more optimally and ensuring access for drivers to charging infrastructure at the same time,” MoEVing Founder and CEO Vikas Mishra said.

EVRE will install 1,000 EV charging stations across India in the next six months as part of the collaboration, which will be used by MoEVing and other EV fleet owners.

The long-term collaboration will also be built on a unique economic model that allows charging stations to be used in several ways.

This EV charging infrastructure will be conceptualized, designed, manufactured, installed, operated, and maintained by EVRE.

EVRE owns and operates the technology that powers all current and future chargers.

In this collaboration, MoEVing will assist EVRE in determining where charging stations should be installed in order to increase usage.

This network expansion and utilization are comparable to the telecom sector in that it allows users to cross-use the charging infrastructure network, improving overall usage and acceptance.

“MoEVing and EVRE will be able to establish an ideal EV charging ecosystem that will eventually help bring down the CO2 emissions by 5.4 MT and save 2.4 million liters of fossil fuel annually,” EVRE Co-Founder and CEO Krishna K Jasti said.

EVRE plans to build 200 charging stations in Bengaluru, 200 in Hyderabad, and the remainder in Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Chandigarh, Pune, and Mumbai in phases.

Over the next six months, EVRE and MoEVing will collaborate to improve charging infrastructure in the cities listed and guarantee that MoEVing’s increasing commercial EV fleet has access to this infrastructure.


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