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VC firm W Health Ventures led $4 M secured by Reveal Healthtech

The healthcare-focused venture capital company W Health Ventures has invested $4 million in the healthtech SaaS platform Reveal HealthTech as part of a strategic financing round.

According to a news release from the firm, Reveal HealthTech will utilize the funding to expand its operations and employ qualified personnel. Moreover, the investment will be used to expand its service offering, attract more clients, and strengthen its fundamental technological skills.

Reveal HealthTech, which was founded by Mullick, Salim Afshar, and Andrew Bravo, provides specialized technical and strategic help to healthcare organizations throughout the world, particularly in the US. Reveal HealthTech enables its clients to build digital solutions without worrying about outsourcing or concerns connected to compliance with local regulations thanks to its specialized healthcare skills and subject knowledge.

The startup cites 1.5 Lakh engineers who have worked on products for the US healthcare industry. Moreover, it asserts to have a sizable talent pool of American IT expertise outside of the US and to interact with top technical talent in India.

HealthPlix, located in Bangalore, secured $22 million last week in investment, including a mix of shares. SigTuple made $4.3 million earlier this month.




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