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To support growth and market expansion, Deemples raised $2 M from V Ventures

To promote its expansion and improve user experience, Malaysia’s golf platform Deemples has revealed a $2 million investment from corporate venture capital firm V Ventures, situated in Singapore.

Deemples, which has seen its business in Malaysia double yearly for the previous four years, said in a statement on Tuesday that the investment comes at a time of the company’s rapid growth.

The statement claims that this investment will help the brand achieve its goals of growing its market share in a new market and strengthening its position in Southeast Asia.

“Our core mission is to create the premier golfing experience empowered by tech to allow our community to play anytime, anywhere, with anyone,

“With this new investment, we have set our eyes on further expanding our ecosystem to be truly regional with our services and to significantly enrich the golfing community,” said David Wong, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Deemples.

Deemples, which was founded with the intention of helping people meet friends who play golf, has become well-known in Malaysia and has seen a 200% increase in the number of active golfers since its last fundraising round.

Whether it’s an organized outing, a club match, a spontaneous round, or a tournament, the company makes it easy for golfers to plan their games.

Deemples meets the varied needs of golfers and improves their overall game experience with its tech-first philosophy and designed-for-golfers approach.

“We will use the funds to build a scalable best-in-class product, with a keen focus on relentless innovation, formula for product market fit, and to ultimately expand into untapped markets,” said Ahmad Daleen, Chief Technology Officer of Deemples.

“This is important to the mission of providing the best borderless golfing experience for our community, enabling golf enthusiasts to connect, play, and enjoy the game, anywhere,

“In essence, it solidifies our commitment to empowering golfers everywhere and reinforces our position as a leader in revolutionizing the way golf is experienced and enjoyed across borders,” he added.

It is reported that the Malaysian golfing community has grown by 100% since 2023 alone, and there is excitement about the clear increase in both skill level and appreciation for golf.

This shows a stronger dedication to learning and appreciating the sport.

The reason for this growth is that golf courses and training facilities are now more easily accessible. The statement indicates that the Malaysian golf community appears to have a bright future as it continues to grow and change.




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