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US battery firm Group 14 received investment from Vietnam-based Earth VC

The most recent round of financing for US-based lithium-silicon battery manufacturer Group14 Technologies includes Earth Venture Capital, a Vietnamese investment company.

SCC55, a material that can be used in lithium-silicon batteries, is Group14’s main offering. According to the company, SCC55 can store five times as much energy as graphite.

Together with the manufacturer of industrial gas SK Materials, the company also intends to construct a new battery material factory in South Korea. The joint venture between Group14 and SK Materials will enable it to produce more batteries and maintain a steady supply network.

Group14 will be able to expand its operations, speed up the sale of its battery products, and increase its R&D efforts with the help of the funding from Earth VC and other investors.

Sustainable technology investments are made by the global fund Earth VC. It was established in 2021 with a focus on opportunities from seed to series A. The firms in its portfolio include Israeli company ITC, Hong Kong-based ClearBot, and Singaporean startup Ampotech.




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