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Pavegen raises Series A funding round

UK: Pavegen, a UK-based clean-tech company, has raised a Series A funding round from Saudi Arabia’s Wadi Makkah Ventures. The round was led by an Indian-based company and several other investors.

Pavegen specializes in the development and installation of kinetic walkways that convert footsteps into off-grid electricity and personalized data. Energy generated goes to power local applications, such as lighting, or to store in batteries for later use. Pavegen’s patented design uses triangular tiles, which create a continuous articulated surface to avoid ‘dead zones’, allowing energy to be generated from every step.

Low power Bluetooth beacons and sensors embedded beneath the tiles provide data collection and analysis (Big Data). They are able to connect and transmit to smartphone devices to pedestrians and then to the company’s servers to analyze the data.

Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO of Pavegen commented, “We are incredibly excited to work with Wadi Makkah Ventures, alongside Pavegen’s major contracts recently closed in the local market, the support Wadi Makkah will provide us will be invaluable as we scale up operations in this region.”

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