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WeeMate launches innovative Pee Device in India to help women relieve themselves with Ease

New Delhi: In a boost to women empowerment a women friendly urination device has caught the attention of today’s educated and savvy women. The device called WeeMate has been launched by the entrepreneur Neha Chachra with an aim to help women counter dirty public toilets and to protect them from deadly infections that they may get from using public toilet seat.

WeeMate Product

A couple of years back she had met with an accident and while recuperating she encountered difficulty in accessing hygienic public toilets. She understood that this is a common dilemma and many women like her might have to face similar challenge every day. In due course she came up with the idea of WeeMate to save all the women from the horrors of public toilets. The revolutionary pee friendly device WeeMate aids a female to urinate while standing upright and avoid sitting on dirty toilets. The main purpose of the device is to funnel urine away from women while she takes a pee standing up rather than squatting.

WeeMate Founder Neha Chachra said, “Public washrooms are unfortunately a nightmare in India and ladies dread them the most. While using these toilets, the women even shudder at the thought of the number of people who may have sat on the same toilet seat and would have forgotten to wash that. Smaller bladders than men, the inability to stand and pee while using these dirty toilets – all such reasons led me to launch WeeMate and support the women of today who need to travel long hours for the job; spend the whole day shopping, go on a day out with friends, and so on.”

No one can underestimate the fact that intimate hygiene is one of the most important aspects of the women’s health. Thus, she thought it’s time to stand for hygiene and came up with WeeMate – an ideal pee friendly device for women who hate unhygienic and dirty toilets. Now with the help of WeeMate, the women can relieve themselves with ease in all public toilets without any fear of contracting diseases like Gut infection, Viral infections, STDs and UTIs. All these infections occur when the germs from toilet seat transfer to urethral or genital tract, but WeeMate helps women to stay infection free by allowing them to stand and urinate. In the current COVID-19 situation, the relevance of WeeMate in the lives of women has already increased manifold.

Priced affordably at Rs. 180/- for 10 pieces, the women friendly stand-to-pee device WeeMate is available all across the country on reputed online marketplaces and neighbourhood stores. As inaugural offer the company is giving two pieces extra free of cost in every pack.


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