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Aghaz Investments raises USD 400K

Dubai: Aghaz Investments has recently completed a Pre-Seed angel investment round in the amount of $400K. This amount will be used to scale Aghaz’s marketing efforts for launch and to recruit key leaders over the next 12 months.

Many Muslims in the US struggle with identifying investment opportunities that align with their faith. For many, compromising their beliefs and values when it comes to their finances is not an option. Many such customers find themselves at a disadvantage, compared to their peers that have multiple optimal solutions available to invest for their goals. Such customers end up saving money in their checking accounts at zero interest, or buying gold, or investing in real estate, all of which have several disadvantages when it comes to optimally investing and saving for their financial goals.

Aghaz enables Muslims and values-based customers to save for their financial goals optimally and according to their beliefs. Aghaz is an automated investment management platform with a mission to enable customers to invest without compromise and in a manner that aligns with their values.

Aghaz will launch in the US in September 2020. This will be a limited launch restricted to our existing waiting lists. Shortly after the US launch, we will expand into the MENA region followed by Southeast Asia and Europe.


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