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Delhi-based edtech platform GuruQ penetrates South Indian market

New Delhi: Delhi based edtech firm GuruQ has now penetrated the South Indian markets and onboarded tutors from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The firm is undertaking timely action to address the need of the hour. This one-stop-shop digital platform has a unique value proposition, unlike its peers. It does not want to overthrow the existing tutorial landscape that students take to supplement their classroom learning.

The Covid-19 pandemic has given an extra push to edtech companies as the adoption of learning online through the use of technology has seen a steep growth like never before.

Though offline institutes are expected to function like before once we are past the pandemic days yet most students and professionals would have experienced the benefits of consuming education online by then.

It provides a digital platform where students from diverse backgrounds can seek mentors as per their budget and convenience. The tutors of GuruQ are trained to coach students as per the learners’ pace and style unlike traditional coaching classes where a group of students is taught as per predefined teaching methods.
Till now, GuruQ’s tutors were based out of Delhi-NCR, Haryana, and Punjab.

It has seen an acute rise in the number of requests for expert tutors in IIT-JEE preparation from these two states. Minal Anand, Founder, and CEO of GuruQ feels that bringing local language speaking tutors will help most students from the respective states feel more comfortable and connect with their mentors.

Although, the medium of instruction will be mostly English yet those adept in local dialect get higher preference from students from the region. ‘Most students, especially from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, prefer to choose teachers who speak their local language so that they can communicate in their native tongue if needed. Hence, onboarding teachers from these states will help us penetrate the market effectively, ‘ opined Minal.

GuruQ has seen a recent spike in demand on its online tutorial offerings as well as on its professional skill-building and foreign language courses. It envisions to have more than 15,000 students who would use the platform every single day. While these trends did not see a very high adoption rate in the pre-COVID-19 world, the innovations in the edtech industry have made most teachers and students recalibrate their teaching dynamics from a traditional classroom to a virtual one.

The firm had anticipated the emergence of a more digital-friendly world in the education sector, even before the ongoing public health scare. It has allowed students to supplement their school education with the help of online tutors so that their academic flow is not impeded.

The platform aims to expand to all the other South Indian states as well and to other parts of India. Of course, now that online tutoring is the only mode of learning, students are not restricted to selecting teachers only from their regions. They can select any tutor from any part of the country if it matches their prerequisites.

Once the Covid-19 vaccine is out, GuruQ will once again reopen its offline tutoring mode where students could select tutors in their vicinity and study offline at a mutually convenient place and time, according to a statement here on Monday.

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