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Located at the Chorao island-village in Goa, India’s smallest state, Uzoorba (‘uzo’=fire and ‘urba’=energy in Goa’s Konkani language) is a social-impact, government-recognized startup creating technology-enabled livelihoods in Goan villages for educated and semi-educated Goan youth by offering top-quality IT and related services for global and local clients.

Their social commitment is doubly reflected in 20 per cent of their net profits being committed back to social-impact work in Goa.

Their services include websites, web and mobile applications, digital marketing, and low-cost computer technology education for rural schools using Raspberry Pi. Since they began operations on October 3, 2017 their team size has doubled, they have completed over 40 projects across their service offerings and their clientele has grown beyond India to Norway, Singapore and UAE. Though they began with generic technologies, their sights are firmly set on the latest cutting-edge technologies not too far into the future.

Managing Partner of Uzoorba Vincent Toscano who has worked in the past for Infosys, TCS etc said that, “We are proud that our team is deeply rooted in Goan ethos and value-centric professionalism while continuously striving for excellence in our work to ensure that we deliver our clients the best value proposition towards their business success.”

Uzoorba’s talent acquisition philosophy values an individual’s personal integrity, foundational skills, learnability and commitment far higher than paper qualifications. They believe in holistic professional development of their team members and invest heavily in their competency development on latest technologies, tools and best practices.

During the COVID-19 crisis Uzoorba began working from home even before India went into lockdowns and continued it for more than 4 months without a single day’s down time. Their team’s commitment has been clearly evident in ensuring timely customer deliverables despite the overheads and challenges.

Backed by its founders’ and partners’ decades of industry experience, Uzoorba is committed to delivering excellence and top-quality services to their clients, while developing their own products and driving projects towards local social change.


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