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Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023 opens applications

For the Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2023, submissions are currently being accepted by the Adelphi green entrepreneurship team.

Two awards are given out this year as a result of a partnership between SEED and the Circular Economy Catalyst: The Climate Adaptation Awards by SEED, which are focused on Botswana, Malawi, and Zambia, and the Circular Economy Awards by the Circular Economy Catalyst, which are given to India and Kenya.

The Awards will help circular and eco-inclusive businesses scale up their commercial expansion while also improving local communities’ capacity to adapt to climate change. In Botswana, Malawi, and Zambia, examples of qualified enterprises include those that concentrate on issues like biodiversity conservation, responsible water management, fostering community resilience, sustainable land management, and climate-smart farming methods.

Winners will be revealed at the beginning of July during the UN High-Level Political Conference. Applications are now accepting until March 23. One winner in each nation of the Climate Adaptation Awards will get a year of SEED Accelerator assistance as well as a matching grant of up to EUR15,000 (US $16,000) to make the necessary scale-up investments. Five runners-up in each nation will receive SEED Catalyser assistance for six months and a matching grant of EUR 1,500 ($1,600) to help them make the growth-related investments they need.

The Circular Economy Awards will provide two winners in each nation with a one-year accelerator assistance and a matching grant of up to EUR15,000 (US $16,000) to help them expand their businesses.

In addition to a matching award of up to EUR5,000 (US $5,400), ten runners-up in each nation will also get six months of Catalyser business development support.




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