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HumanForest, a ‘free’ shared e-bike, raises €2 million

The British startup HumanForest, a shared e-bike offering the first 20 minutes for free, has raised around €2 million from leaders of the mobility sector, including founders of the first profitable ride sharing App, Cabify.

Set up by former-Cabify lead, Agustin Guilisasti and backed by both Cabify Founders, Juan de Antonio and Vicente Pascual, HumanForest with its offer of 20 minutes free per day and corporate subscription service is a new take on traditional mobility services in London.

Vicente Pascual joins the Board along with Stefan Tilks, ex-Volvo President and CEO of NEVS AB, the Swedish electric car manufacturer.

Since HumanForest launched in June this year, 14,000 riders have taken almost 42,000 rides with the number of rides increasing by over 100% month on month. Users have avoided emitting 8 tonnes of Co2, which is the equivalent of planting almost 300 trees. The investment will be used to support the roll out of 1,000 e-bikes which arrive at the end of this month and to grow the fleet to 2,000 e-bikes in the capital within a year.

The shift towards climate friendly e-mobility solutions and away from traditional transport options has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Londoners, and their employers, are looking for ways to move around the city, safely. HumanForest e-bikes are proving a popular solution, offering a safe, affordable and socially distant commuting option.

Vincent Pascual said: “I worked with the team at HumanForest for ten years at Cabify and I believe that this is another disruptor. It is three disruptors in one; it provides free mobility for users through its partnership model, protects the planet and appeals to partner companies who seek to demonstrate their social impact. We are already seeing the success of the model and I am excited to be involved in its future growth.”

Stefan Tilk said: “I am pleased to be part of the HumanForest board in this new adventure. With over 30 years of experience in the mobility sector at traditional companies such as Volvo, I know how important this next phase of the electric transport revolution is going to be. HumanForest has a unique business model that is completely new to the industry and it couldn’t be timelier as electric transport is set to change the way people move.”

Caroline Seton said: “HumanForest offers something for all; a weekend leisure activity, a ‘return to work’ solution and an accessible, simple way to get from a to b. All the while, our e-bikes are helping support a sustainable planet. This investment and the completion of our board are further positive steps for HumanForest as we grow our footprint in London to service this demand. We will benefit enormously from Vincent and Stefan’s expertise.”

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