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Reachdesk nabs €5 million to expand globally

London: Reachdesk, a direct mail and corporate gifting software platform for B2B companies, announces an approx. €5 million funding round led by Five Elms Capital, to further expand throughout the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.

Founded in 2018, Reachdesk enables sales and marketing professionals to create, manage, scale, and measure the ROI of their direct mail and gifting campaigns in one place, by integrating offline channels to a company’s existing marketing tech stack. Reachdesk was founded in London by Alex Olley, Meelan Radia, Jay Radia, and Alex Santos, and now has a head office also in New York.

Reachdesk has achieved significant growth this year, quadrupling its revenue and doubling headcount since March 2020. The demand comes from B2B sales, marketing, and customer success teams struggling to create meaningful experiences with customers with reduced business travel.

“Because of the pandemic, companies have lost their critical sales and marketing channels,” explains Alex Olley, co-founder, and Head of Revenue and Marketing. “They struggle to deliver the new sales results they need to survive. By creating closer connections with customers, Reachdesk helps companies break through to prospects, accelerate deals, and reduce churn.”

“Direct mail has been used by sales and marketing teams for decades. Without a software solution, even the most organized teams struggle to execute effective corporate gifting campaigns at scale,” said Stephanie Schneider, Partner at Five Elms. “Reachdesk quickly established itself as a leader in the space by offering a simple, easy-to-use solution with robust integrations that gives its customers confidence that their budget is spent on high-return efforts.”

Reachdesk plans to use its most recent funding round to invest in more customer service, product innovation and expand its team footprint throughout the US, Europe, and the Asia Pacific while investing in a sustainable approach to gifting and direct mail.

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