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Incubees: Tell us about ‘OQPAI’.

Devanshu: ‘OQPAI’ is a brand product of SFITY TECH INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED.

The start-up deals with the major problem of luggage carrying and parking issues in smart cities and tourist spots. We have 100+ spots in cities like Bangalore, Manali, Kullu and we are expanding more in areas of Delhi, Mumbai, and other tourist spots. We simply connect people who don’t want to pay 1k-10k / day hotel charges just to store their luggage and go for exploration.

With OQPAI u can have affordable spaces Rs.10-50/h to keep your luggage in your nearest household.

The same goes with parking, as in smart cities many parking accidents happened because of high parking spots or underground parking spots. With OQPAI u can park your car bike at your nearest parking spot/household.

Our AI-based Algorithm (patented on OQPAI) takes care of luggage security, car/bike security, residential and commercial spaces, user and vendors relationships, and much more factors that are related to storage and parking solutions.





Incubees: What makes your product/services unique and what competition do you see in India and globally?

Devanshu: The way we are solving this problem makes us unique, the major issues with current start-ups (outside India) are that they miss the situations when the vendor is out of space, religious aspects, overwhelmed user but underrated vendor match, and many more. They just focus on space allocation, while in our case we with the help of our algorithmic search help our users to get the perfect spot for the workings.

In India, no start-up is working on storage problems for tourists or official workers. OQPAI focus on customer bases like One-day tourists, one-day visitors, mid-station travellers, official workers, shopping freaks, and many others.


Incubees: What challenges do you see in the market at this point in time?

Devanshu: The challenge we see as a start-up in the market is a lack of awareness for the product, as the start-up is bootstrapped, for now, we are more into Research and Development for the product so that our algorithm and product is more and more user friendly; we are more focused on our USP such as patented and copyrighted works so that our work is secured. So we could feel the lack of awareness among the users, once the funding round is achieved we will be covering this aspect too quickly else it will be done a little way away, but the things will be solved.


Incubees: Tell us about your team and what inspires them?

Devanshu: In the team, we have 4 members out of which I Devanshu kumar belongs to the funding them other than me Shubham Indrawat, Prakash Kumar Majhi, Vivek Obbi are from the Technical, User experience and Marking team correspondingly.

We all have personally faced this issue while we were on a trip, we figured out for 2 years what is the validation of our idea and we did many surveys too, at the end in July 2020 we started working on this product, contacted several agencies for legal support and right now the product is about to be done and we have started on boring properties in some parts of India, we have seen a very great and helpful response from our vendors and this response inspires me and my team.




Incubees: Where do you see your product/service reaching in the next five years?

Devanshu: We have a proper mindset to bring on board 1 lakh+ storage properties, 90K+ parking spots all over the country with over 10 billion user bases in the next 5 years. We have other services ready for the addition of other than parking and storage spots in the list.


Incubees: Do you have plans to raise funding for your startup or would you rather grow it organically?

Devanshu: Yes, we are continuously looking for potential investors who are ready to be a part of our success journey. Although funding is just a boom for any start-up out there, still we are more even looking for investors’ support in the field of knowledge, experience as well as financial growth.



Incubees: What challenges do you face as a start-up?

Devanshu: Demotivation among team members sometimes due to lack of resources, market feedback, technical failures, and some other points are there which as a start-up we face from time to time. Although we have the validation of what we are doing which keeps us motivated and on work all the time.


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