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Atos launches ThinkAI

Atos on Tuesday launches ThinkAI, its secure end-to-end scalable offering
which enables organizations to successfully design, develop, and deliver high-performance AI applications.

ThinkAI is for organizations using traditional high-performance computing that want to run more accurate and faster simulations thanks to AI applications, and also for those developing AI
applications that need more computing power.

High-performance AI applications augment traditional HPC simulation and are essential to process and analyze massive and complex data sets effectively. Compared to traditional HPC simulation, AI-powered simulation enables researchers to tackle problems faster and more thoroughly, with increased accuracy, improved cost-efficiency, and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), lowering carbon footprint and creating competitive advantage.

AI applications, such as those related to drug discovery, smart cities, or autonomous driving, for example, are already being developed today, however barriers such as data quality, security, and scalability remain – to help overcome these, the expert consulting capability is essential and enables
users to successfully define an AI roadmap, build scalable AI applications and industrialize these.
ThinkAI is the most comprehensive HPC AI solution on the market today to do this and the only one that combines a full offering from consulting, to hardware and software solutions, to orchestration and final integration. It delivers rapid results and insight on data at optimized cost.

“The Atos ThinkAI solution brings together the necessary pieces for HPC users, at all stages of their AI journey, to leverage the significant opportunities of AI in their own research. The Atos
ThinkAI solution can help users in both the scientific and industrial sector effectively combine the newest, most performant hardware and software solutions to speed the development of critical AI-based solutions and enhance the value of their simulation workloads.” said Alex Norton,
Principal Technology Analyst and Data Analysis Manager, Hyperion.

“AI has created a new paradigm for applications in the scientific and industrial domains, catalyzing the translation of data to actionable insights. As the complexity of the Machine Learning model and its associated costs continue to grow substantially, dedicated high-performance AI infrastructures become crucial for organizations that want to deliver research breakthroughs. ThinkAI provides a holistic and tailor-made solution approach in advising, architecting, and accomplishing AI solutions
for any industry, so that they may accelerate time to AI operationalization and industrialization.” said Agnès Boudot, Senior Vice President, Head of HPC & Quantum at Atos.


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