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Bada Business reaches out to 50 million entrepreneurs and MSMEs

Mumbai: EdTech startup Bada Business has reached out to 50 million entrepreneurs and MSMEs under its ambitious ‘India Revival Mission’ to help them revive their COVID-hit businesses. 

Under the dynamic leadership of ace business coach Dr. Vivek Bindra, CEO & Founder, Bada Business, the ‘India Revival Mission’ was launched in April after a country-wide lockdown forced businesses to down their shutters, having a devastating impact on the MSME sector.

The EdTech startup works primarily for the growth & development of the MSME sector, Bada Business considered it a social and nationalistic responsibility to train, equip and skill small businesses to lift them out of the financial morass. The objective of the ‘India Revival Mission’ was to help businesses reinvent their strategies to thrive in a post COVID world and infuse fresh energy into the economy.

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