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Homa Games raises €12.4 million seed funding

Paris: Homa Games, a French mobile developer and publisher with more than 30 apps in its portfolio, has raised a record approx. €12.4 million seed round from Idinvest Partners,, and renowned business angels. This round is one of the largest seed rounds of 2021 so far.

Since its founding in 2018, Homa Games has chosen HyperCasual as its main focus and has created multiple worldwide game hits of the genre such as Tower Color, Sky Roller, and NERF Epic Pranks!. Combining in-house-made tech and its own creative studio, Homa Games provides the service of unique excellence to its studio-partners with the focal point on automation and optimization at every step of app production and publishing.

The company’s rapid growth fell on the world-turning pandemic, making it one of the only startups in France actively hiring during the national lockdown. Homa Games quadrupled its team in the past year, expanding offices to Toulouse, Lisbon, and Skopje, with the HQ remaining in Paris, and also absorbed free-to-play mobile Toulouse-based studio IRL Team. In the same span of time, the company’s milestones were topped by reaching 250 million lifetime downloads, with one of the biggest contributors being NERF Epic Pranks! – one of the first IP HyperCasual games on the market and the company’s first licensed game in collaboration with Hasbro.

“Resilience, task ownership, and teamwork are the basis of Homa Games culture, and what allowed us not only to be fully operational during the lockdown but succeeding in innovation and growth” shared Oliver le Bas, CRO and co-founder.

“HyperCasual is paving the way for a new production flow to release fun games at a very fast speed. At Homa, we are creating technologies to push this vision a step further, and our goal is to disrupt the content creation process to release the most entertaining apps to a massive audience. We unlock the creativity of developers around the world. This seed round will enable us to invest further in talents, IP licensing, and products,” said Daniel Nathan, CEO, and co-founder of Homa Games.

By 2021 Homa Games consolidated its growth by hiring key management figures, including VP of Operations, Julien Bourhis, previously project leader for Boston Consulting Group, Naveen Mewani, Head of Growth Strategies, and Romain Levrini, VP of Finance.


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