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Telkomsel’s investment arm Indico led $1.9 M secured by health startup Fita

Fita, a health startup located in Indonesia, has secured US $1.9 million from Indico, the investment arm of Telkomsel, the largest telecom company in the nation.

Fita was established in 2021, and its app enables users to register their steps and workouts, manage their food, and earn rewards. Catch, a platform for expert coaches to create programs for users was just launched by the business.

According to the company, its platform features more than 200 trainers and 200 healthy food recipes, with 350,000 monthly active users.

Reynazran Royono, who also founded the consumer analytics company Snapcart, launched Fita.

Fita hopes to expand its platform’s functionality for users and instructors with additional cash. It intends to increase offline engagement activities including user-recommended insurance plans, gym memberships, and fitness courses.




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