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Wavemaker led $1.3 M Seed funding raised by WriterZen

A seed fundraising round headed by Wavemaker Partners has given WriterZen, a Singapore-based content production company, more than US $1.3 million.

A software-as-a-service startup called WriterZen enables digital content producers to increase productivity by streamlining their workflow for search engine optimization.

Since its founding in May 2021, the company has served more than 12,000 clients worldwide, including marketing teams, SEO experts, and agencies.

The additional funding will assist the business’s aims to expand its product line and enter Australia, the US, and the UK in 2023. Additionally, the extra funding will enable it to keep funding platforms for search engine intelligence.

In the future, WriterZen will expand its recently introduced free e-learning portal, WriterZen Academy, and provide more courses.

According to Phuong Tran of Wavemaker Partners, the worldwide SEO business is now valued at US $52 billion and is expected to reach US $122 billion by 2028.

Wavemaker Partners has supported more than 180 businesses since 2012, the majority of which are deep tech, enterprise, and sustainability startups. Four regional funds totaling $300 million in assets are managed by the business.




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